Social Programs

Emergency Food 

This program is designed to assist the custodial single parent in obtaining perishable and non-perishable food items for themselves and their child(ren).   Some items distributed may be the result of, but is not limited to, scheduled food drives.  Based upon the urgency and availability of items received, as a result of food drive, the custodial single parents may be eligible to receive food/groceries, through direct purchase, from the local grocery store.

 Academics Creating Excellence (ACE)

Our ACE Summer Day Camp is designed to help your child maintain, academically, everything they have learned throughout the school year and to get them ready for the next grade level. We do this all while having fun!

We are now accepting applications for community partnerships for the summer of 2019. If your school, church, or organization would like to partner with AASP in providing activities for children in Chicago and surrounding communities, contact us at for an application. Deadline for all applications is March 31, 2019.  

Educational support is continued throughout the school year with the ACE Before and After School Program for school age children. We partner with community schools and teachers to offer educational support to students by assisting with homework, and tutoring. Click here support our educational programs for kids!

Programs & Services

Charitable Assistance Program (CAP)

Support & Empowerment ~ Breaking the Cycle of Poverty

Educational Programs

American Association of Single Parents

Utility Bill Assistance 

This program is designed to assist the custodial single parent with negotiating feasible payment arrangements and/or actual payment of their utility bill (water, gas, and electric).  This may include, but is not limited to, a partial payment in which AASP will take the responsibility of paying up to 50% of a utility bill that was accumulated within a one month period.  Depending on the circumstances and available funding, the custodial single parent may be eligible to receive assistance in paying the full amount of their utility bill within a one-two month period.

Single Parent Enrichment Program is designed to give parents an opportunity to  come together with other parents to discuss issues that surround their situation. This may include, but is not limited to, guest speakers, workshops, and job readiness boot camps. Our MOM911 Events are a part of our enrichment programs.

​​Economic Empowerment for the Single Parent

Being a single parent can be stressful when trying to make-the-ends-meet; especially when you are trying to budget with one income. The ability to be financially savvy with your dollars does not always come naturally. Dr. Scott is passionate about breaking the cycle of poverty within the single parent community. She desires to work with single parents to developed strategies, based on their income, that will inspire them to Live Financially Healthy with a limited income. Dr. Scott is transparent when sharing her own testimony of being a single parent and having to overcome many financial barriers. She can connect to her audience, of any size, and inspire them to become a financial guru with their own income regardless the amount.​​​ Click here to learn more about the Live Financially Healthy workshop series.​​